That’s no problem, as our toolkits are suitable for novices and experts alike. The toolkits are self-explanatory so even if you are a complete brand novice, you will be able to create your ideal brand definition. The steps are easy to follow, assuming no prior knowledge, with clear instructions and definitions. Even if you are more experienced, the toolkits will help by setting out a clear and easy-to-follow programme. You will find top tips on how to engage your people; information on how to gain Board level support and; how to make sure that your programme comes in on time with the necessary buy-in across the whole of your organisation. In short, it will provide everything you need to ensure that you create a truly effective brand definition.

The toolkit is designed so that you can develop your brand yourself, so you shouldn’t need to get any extra help.

However, if you do feel unsure about the process or need some more support with some sections, please get in touch with us and we can talk to you about what further support you require. We offer a number of additional consultancy services ranging from a 30-minute consultancy phone call to a full day training session for you and your colleagues.

If you need extra resource, for example, to run the Brand Definition workshop or the stakeholder engagement programme, then do feel free to talk to us. Our experienced consultants have been running brand development projects for many years and we have a number of specialist services which work as add-ons to our ‘What’s your purpose?’ toolkit. These include running workshops, training sessions, research programmes, stakeholder engagement initiatives, developing stimulus, copywriting and creative transformation. By outsourcing certain key aspects, you only pay for the resource you actually need.

It’s not always easy to get the decision makers on side. Working with Board Directors can be a challenge, particularly if you are new or more junior. If you feel that you need some external gravitas to help persuade the Board, then get in touch. We have developed a specific Brand workshop add-on to the toolkit that is run by our expert team. This provides you with the extra help you need and at a highly competitive price.

It is often a good idea to use external resource to run research or stakeholder engagement programmes as this provides much needed objectivity. Staff are generally much more open with someone from outside their organisation.

This is one area where we would suggest that you use outside resource if the budget allows. You are likely to get a better result, more easily. If you want to talk to us about our stakeholder research programmes then do get in touch and we would be happy to help.

However, as we are mindful of cost, we have provided you with the knowledge you need to run a stakeholder programme yourself, in-house.

Terminology can be very confusing when you are dealing with brands. That’s because there are as many different definitions on terms such as proposition as there are brand consultants!

With ‘What’s your purpose?’ that shouldn’t be a problem. The whole programme is written with the novice in mind. All ‘technical’ brand terms are defined and used consistently throughout the programme, so it will all be clear. Of course, if you have any queries then please do get in touch. We want this to work for you.

All key worksheets can be downloaded and printed so that you can share and review them offline.

The reason we have decided to sell the toolkit via a licence agreement is that we want to make sure that our customers complete the project in a timely fashion and end up with the new Brand Definition they need. Having a set timeframe does concentrate the mind and make it far more likely that this will happen.

We have allowed plenty of time – a year is more than enough time to create a Brand Definition, as even the largest organisations who undertake a comprehensive round of research are unlikely to need more than six months. However, if by any chance you do need more time just get in touch with us and we can discuss your needs.

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