Which is the right toolkit for me?

To succeed your Brand Definition must be supported and endorsed by your people, whether they are full-time employees or occasional volunteers. Stakeholder engagement is a crucial part of brand definition and particularly important in larger organisations, which is why ‘What’s your purpose?’ comes in two different versions – micro (for small organisations) and macro (for larger organisations) – see below.

All toolkits are sold using a one year licence agreement, which is ample time in which to complete the project. Please click here for more information.

  • What’s your purpose? micro

    Our concise four-step programme provides smaller not-for-profits, including single person entities, with all they need to create their brand definition. It assumes that engaging the whole team is relatively straightforward and will not require a specific stakeholder engagement initiative.

    The toolkit is divided into three sections:

    Section 1: About Brand Definition
    Explaining brand definition and introducing our own brand definition model – the one we use when defining our clients’ brands.

    Section 2: The Brand Definition Four-Step Programme
    The ‘how to’ guide to creating your own brand definition in-house. This section covers the programme, taking each step in turn, explaining what tasks need to be done and how to complete them. To help you, worksheets, templates and tips are provided with each step.

    Section 3: Moving Forward
    Defining your brand is the critical first step. But it is only the beginning of the journey. The next step is to make sure that it is embedded throughout your organisation and used to direct all your communications and activity. This section helps set you on the right road.

    At just £195 (+VAT) for a full year’s licence, ‘What’s your purpose? – micro’ is perfect for smaller organisations, who will benefit from defining their brand fully in-house . . .

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  • What’s your purpose? macro

    Our fuller seven-step programme is aimed at larger organisations (20+ employees) where the ultimate success of your brand definition relies on the support and engagement of all your people. The additional sections detail exactly how to run stakeholder engagement programmes and achieve the critical buy-in you need across your whole business, including the Board.

    The programme explains:

    • why you need broader support throughout the organisation and how to get it
    • how to establish your project team effectively
    • how to make sure that you get the support of the Board or the Senior Leadership team
    • how to devise and run an effective Brand workshop with the most senior members of staff (including an outline workshop agenda)
    • how to run an effective stakeholder engagement programme with or without external consultants (including an outline stakeholder engagement discussion guide).

    The toolkit is divided into four sections:

    Section 1:  About Brand Definition
    A comprehensive explanation of what brand definition is and an introduction to our brand definition model. As ‘What’s your purpose? – macro’ is aimed at larger organisations it provides more detail and rationale behind the need for defining your brand. It discusses and explains a number of important issues including:

    • financial implications
    • the need for consensus building across the organisation and how to achieve it
    • the role of the project team and how to make sure it is effective
    • how to win over the Board and ensure a smooth process
    • why and how to define your target audience.

    Section 2:  The Seven-Step Programme
    Divided into clear stages, the programme covers:

    • Clarification – identifying the drivers for the project
    • Forming the Project Team – how to create an effective brand Project Team
    • Preparing the brief – how to ensure that the project is briefed properly (even though you are doing it internally), so that everyone knows what you are trying to achieve and how to get there
    • Planning the project – setting the timetable
    • Internal engagement / research – outlining exactly how to get buy-in across your organisation whether with the help of external consultants or, if you want to do the whole process yourself, providing you with all the steps and guidance you need to do so (how to set up, plan and moderate engagement sessions, including a sample draft discussion outline)
    • Brand Definition workshop – who you need to participate, how to plan it and how to run it (including outline agenda)
    • Finalising your Brand Definition – post workshop how to fine-tune and get sign-off.

    To help you, worksheets, templates and tips are provided with each step.

    Section 3: Checklist
    An easy to use summary of the programme to help you cover all the pieces of work you need to do in the right order.

    Section 4:  Moving Forward
    Identifies what you need to do next. Defining your brand definition is just the first critical step, for it to make a difference you need to put the theory into action. This section helps set you on the right road.

    At just £745 (+VAT) for a full year’s licence, the toolkit is a fraction of the cost of hiring outside resource . . .

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