About brand definition

What is a brand definition?

A brand definition is the succinct articulation of what your brand is about and what makes it different. It articulates:

Why is it important?

A strong brand definition lies at the heart of successful brands. It is important because it sets the direction for how your brand looks, speaks and behaves. It is the driving force which ensures that your brand is always coherent and never chaotic, allowing your audiences, whether they are staff or volunteers, customers or supporters, investors or donors and so on, to understand what you are about, why you are different and why they should support you. Fundamentally a good brand definition is what will help you create a strong and sustainable brand able to command a loyal band of supporters more quickly and for the long term.

Creating your brand definition should be one of the first things you do when you start out, but it is never too late to create one. In any case you should revisit it periodically to make sure that it still holds good within your changing landscape.

What does it consist of?

Essentially a brand definition is a strategic statement about your brand that defines who you are. If you follow the step-by-step guide, by the end of the programme you will have your own brand definition, applicable to your organisation and none other. It will consist of the following:

No two brand definitions should be the same as every organisation is different. Your brand definition should capture your unique qualities and when used properly will help you stand out from the crowd.